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Full Version: low star rating lf2 characters in the release projects
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I am back, well i want to talk about the lf2 chars that has low star rating on their project release thread, are they worth for download, or do they have bugs, and should not be downloaded until the creators completely fixed the bugs for the char can be able to get a five star rating. A four star rating char called Leo, i dont understand why he got four star rating and his sprites are drawn so good and the data file is really good and has no bugs so why is that?
Any forum member can rate threads as he sees fit. The number of stars that a thread gets is the average of ratings that users gave to it. For instance, I just rated your thread 1 star, and because I was the only one rating it the average is 1 star.
Thanks for your reply Mangad, now i know how the rating thing functions on this forum :D.