Forum Announcement: HEX Forum Rules
1. Go to the Mainsite before asking questions - The mainsite covers many aspects of hex, research there before asking any questions.
2. Be precise - Questions such as "How do I hex" are not appropriate and are bound to wander into the disposal. Be precise and explain your problem, so that we can actually help.
3. Name your threads appropriately - "I need help" just isn't precise enough, it's good to let the person know what this topic is about.
4. Do not request - We previously had a Request forum, but we removed it due to being absolutely irrelevant.
5. Solved – When your problem is solved click the button on top of the thread – there’ll be a solved-icon and the moderators will move the thread to "Solved Problems".

About the subforums: Tutorials should be self-explanatory I hope, and Solved Problems is a little archive of previously solved questions that you could have a look in for help as well, if need-be.