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Accepted DC works
just as my sig said, im accepting most DC work. i will stop accepting once it reach 5 projects on-going...
and just to point it out, i will always try to finish the easiest or those that interest me first. my progress may not be fast(pretty slow actually), but i can guarantee that all the bdy/itr are done to make sure the character has fitting bdy/itr hitboxes etc.

so these are the currently accepted projects:
1) Hidan for NSLF2re, sprites by JoHo15
2) a not yet named character(though we call him lalus for now), sprites by Gad (paused as the sprite arent finish)
3) no bow hunter, zombie bandit, and non-demon justin, sprites by Gad (these are quite easy, so i consider them a set)
4)hero & evil sword, requested by davis60
5)Hydron, requested by TheKidd (though the sprites are actually by Gad, facepic by The Hari)

confirmed but postponed until i have a long holiday:
-gogetassj4, requested by dan007/^""""
back from the dead.....kinda
Thanks given by: YinYin , Dragon5
Well 'lalus' sprites aren't done yet, but you have pretty much there to work over, since we're lacking like 2 attacks, the rest is done. I'd really appreciate if you finished over the current sprites. :D
Also my 'space mod' could use some dcers help.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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(07-08-2014, 05:36 PM)Nyamaiku Wrote:  confirmed but postponed until i have a long holiday:
-gogetassj4, requested by dan007/^""""

[Image: troll22.gif]
Thanks given by: Dr. Time
sry for gravedigging, but any works i have previously was lost due to my lappy and stuffs being stolen.
car window got broken and stuffs, also irl put me off lfe and lf2 in general.
butt now that im kinda back, will work on re-learning dc and stuffs, then i might be able to work on these promised stuffs, i guess.
back from the dead.....kinda
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Oh man so sorry for you :(

I have to say never let something with value visible in car, it ATTRACTS thieves. You learned it now anyways.

Also use online storage to save your work, there are plenty of free storage there (ask if you don't know).
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