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sumthing like arT or something
Sharing a similar impression with @Gad and @Marko. Without knowing what I see there, this essentially seems like a mess of triangles or an abstract Chinese letter. Then again, typography is a whole world on its own and I can just look upon it from my uneducated, semi-artistic point of view :p

Also, doing this kind of stuff is better to be made in vector graphics, simply because you don't lose quality upon resizing. And what matters here are the shapes, not the details (or, to rephrase latter, the pixel content).

As @Gad mentioned already, merging the letters is not something terribly new. With enough aesthetics, however, placing your initials next to each other can actually be enough already. Style-wisely, judging from what I've seen lately from you, I think an "energetic" design would fit. Imagine you take a brush and slap some shapes with absolute vigor onto the canvas. I'm having a hard time to explain it but think of somebody really just making a few marks on a canvas and confidently calling it done after 30 seconds.

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