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(07-09-2016, 05:36 AM)AmadisLFE Wrote:  Another Convo with Conspirator Mate, also known as ShonenTheJumper:
[2:24:56 AM] RisingRoy: Well, to make a perfect Roleplay series.
[2:25:05 AM] RisingRoy: We will need Minecraft Comes Alive and CustomNPC's.
[2:25:22 AM] Conspirator Mate: Yeah.
[2:25:26 AM] RisingRoy: And some other addons to liven up the roleplay.
[2:25:42 AM] RisingRoy: NEI, Damage Indicators, they are musts.
[2:26:05 AM] RisingRoy: Battle Gears is not a bad Addition. I mean it gives a Real-like experience.
[2:26:12 AM] RisingRoy: As you can Dual Wield.
[2:26:20 AM] RisingRoy: Weaponsmod could be a nice addition.
[2:26:30 AM] RisingRoy: It adds many new weapons.
[2:26:36 AM] RisingRoy: But heres the main thing.
[2:26:44 AM] RisingRoy: Do we want Modern, Futuristic or Medieval.
[2:28:00 AM] Conspirator Mate: Modern.
[2:28:18 AM] RisingRoy: And any other addons?
[2:28:26 AM] RisingRoy: Like Fantasy or something.
[2:28:31 AM] RisingRoy: Or just plain modern.
[2:28:33 AM] Conspirator Mate: Horror Addon.
[2:28:40 AM] Conspirator Mate: A type of Myth.
[2:28:44 AM] RisingRoy: Horror won't work well.
[2:29:00 AM] RisingRoy: Unless we have someone ACTING as the horror guy.
[2:29:00 AM] Conspirator Mate: Just one creature.
[2:29:06 AM] Conspirator Mate: Yeah.
[2:29:13 AM] RisingRoy: You be the one acting.
[2:29:13 AM] Conspirator Mate: I'll voice a few people.
[2:29:43 AM] RisingRoy: You're the only one with a good voice for horror.
[2:29:48 AM] RisingRoy: Anyway, going to sleep now.
[2:29:51 AM] Conspirator Mate: Yeah.
[2:29:59 AM] Conspirator Mate: How about Ranipla ?
[2:30:01 AM] Conspirator Mate: Alright.
[2:30:05 AM] Conspirator Mate: Good night.
[2:30:16 AM] RisingRoy: Ranipla won't make a good Horror.
[2:30:28 AM] Conspirator Mate: How about female ?
[2:30:30 AM] RisingRoy: He will just turn this into Comedy Gold.
[2:30:37 AM] RisingRoy: Female?
[2:30:43 AM] Conspirator Mate: He could do female characters.
[2:30:47 AM] RisingRoy: xD
[2:30:49 AM] RisingRoy: Agreed!
[2:30:57 AM] RisingRoy: He could....Voice my Wife! XD
[2:31:07 AM] Conspirator Mate: XD XD
[2:31:11 AM] RisingRoy: Anyway, I will go to sleep now. XD
[2:31:23 AM] Conspirator Mate: Alright.
[2:31:25 AM] Conspirator Mate: See ya.
[2:31:37 AM] Conspirator Mate: He could be Rasmus' wife/husband,
[2:31:41 AM] RisingRoy: xD
[2:31:42 AM] Conspirator Mate: Even in RP
[2:32:00 AM] RisingRoy: I'm gonna quote this to LFE.
[2:32:33 AM] Conspirator Mate: XD

Ranipla's reaction:
[7:11:31 AM] Ninsja: WTF?
[7:14:16 AM] Ninsja: So this entire conversation was to lead up to an agreement of me being a women? You realise I voice like a kid, not like a girl. I guess having puberphonia really has it's downsides
[11:25:02 AM] RisingRoy: No, I mean since you have a childish Voice, you can voice my wife...Uh..yeah.
[11:25:08 AM] RisingRoy: Also look up;.
[1:39:45 PM] Othello D. Gomes: Yes, child voice but it is suitable for a girl if voiced.
[1:40:08 PM] RisingRoy: Yeah... xD
[1:41:56 PM] Ninsja: usure?
[1:42:24 PM] Othello D. Gomes: Yes.
[1:42:53 PM] Othello D. Gomes: Lol
[1:43:01 PM] Ninsja: usure nao?
[1:43:41 PM] Ninsja: usure?
[1:43:55 PM] Othello D. Gomes: Ask Maidiz
[1:44:08 PM] Ninsja: I'm asking both of ya
[1:45:41 PM] RisingRoy: Yes, I am sure.
[1:46:01 PM] Ninsja: even with these 3 recordings?
[1:46:05 PM] RisingRoy: Yes.
[1:46:28 PM] RisingRoy: Found a good game:
[1:46:38 PM] Ninsja: JUST SH-
[1:46:42 PM] Ninsja: kek
[1:46:53 PM] Ninsja: Internal Rage
[2:30:01 PM] RisingRoy: Ranipla.

P.S. I'm Othello, Ninsja is Ranipla, and Rising Roy is AmadisLFE.
Thanks given by: AmadisLFE
(07-28-2016, 08:01 AM)mfc Wrote:  Today I tried doing the same, set up a portable KeepAss in a MEGA folder and saved db there too.

(07-28-2016, 08:01 AM)mfc Wrote:  set up a portable KeepAss

(07-28-2016, 08:01 AM)mfc Wrote:  KeepAss

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Wrote:I submit to you that science, scientific discovery, especially cosmic discovery,
does not become mainstream until the artists embrace the fruits of those discoveries

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Wrote:Odd that our measures of animal intelligence are often tests of what humans do best rather than of what they do best.
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You're just dying if you're living and thinking about a betrayal, revive yourself.
Think about that one person that has trusted you forever, not the thousand people that have betrayed you.
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Just putting this here:
IRC, April 4th Wrote:
<Luti>        i basically see it as Trump vs Bernie, if we are going to be voting on main candidates. I believe he'll get jobs in the country, deport tons of illegals out of the country, +building that wall +and he's funny
<Luti>        if my vote actually mattered i'd vote for Zoltan
<Luti>        bernie doesn't appeal to me
<SomeoneElse> mexicans are already leaving the country if I am not mistaken
<MangaD>      No matter who wins, a war is coming
<Luti>        if hilary gets the nomination you might see bernie people go to trump's side, because everyone is sick of the establishment
<Luti>        we wanted to see change with Obama and it feels more or less the same
<SomeoneElse> and "building that wall" is completely unfeasible
<SomeoneElse> he is pretty funny
<MangaD>      XD
<MangaD>      indeed
<SomeoneElse> that is the good thing about trump
<Luti>        i don't care if he builds the wall or not, i'd be impressed if he did though
<SomeoneElse> you can watch that guy and he consistently say something funny
<SomeoneElse> he won't
<SomeoneElse> if he manages to build an actual wall a la East Berlin, then name your charity and I'll donate 100 USD
<Luti>        you can donate to me
<SomeoneElse> 200 if he manages to make Mexico actually pay for it
<SomeoneElse> you are not a charity
<Luti>        i'll pay $100 to you if he doesn't
<SomeoneElse> now it is getting tempting
<MangaD>      oh boy
<Luti>        send me your paypal, this will be a fun gamble
<SomeoneElse> I don't actually have paypal, but I might have to get it now
<Luti>        now i really want trump to win xP
<SomeoneElse> nah if he doesn't win the bet is off
<Luti>        sure
In 4 years, either I or Luti will be 100 USD richer.
Age ratings for movies and games (and similar) have never been a good idea.
One can learn a lot from reinventing wheels.
Gaming isn't hostile to women. It is hostile to easily offended idiots.
An unsound argument is not the same as an invalid one.
volatile in C++ does not mean thread-safe.
Do not make APIs unnecessarily asynchronous.
Make C++ operator > again
LFE Red Theme: 85%
Self control: the only way to survive in this world dominated by idiots.

The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.
Stop existing. Start living.
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“If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” - Anita Roddick
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A-Engine: A new beat em up game engine inspired by LF2. Coming soon

A-Engine Dev Blog - Update #8: Timeout

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"Philosophy is the misuse of a terminology which was invented just for this purpose." - By "somebody", quoted from paper "The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in natural sciences"
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A-Engine: A new beat em up game engine inspired by LF2. Coming soon

A-Engine Dev Blog - Update #8: Timeout

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Jordan B Peterson Wrote:Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.
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