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Real-Life pics of you
(02-06-2017, 12:59 AM)LutiChris Wrote:  

Mythbusters or something? :D

Same old me. Comics exhibition.

[Image: 16508818_1437620189590879_50941932597082...e=590C2820]
Also, was awesome actualy. This is my first time seeing a such a modern school in Lithuania. It got so many interactive boards and even 3D one.
[Image: WdQ0XF2.png]
Thanks given by: Marko
[Image: 16177848_1358435344176846_62950696364724...e=5931AE87]
[Image: 16252379_1358463454174035_68947147698420...e=593CFA1D][Image: 16299670_1358448427508871_20996208456184...e=5949281B]

hiking some weeks ago
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Decided to share another picture of myself, taken just a few days ago:
[Image: fzkPQzK.jpg]
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To be immortal, you don't have to be unkillable.
To be immortal, you just have to be remembered, for your deeds.
Hopefully good deeds.
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Here's mine lol I look like Street Bandit XD
[Image: 28ti0wn.jpg]
Ya man thatz me!!
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Spring :)
[Image: 17191027_1739198289725543_62613628084740...e=592A6F49]
[Image: WdQ0XF2.png]
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