Poll: Keep the sign on his back?
Yes, you should definately keep it
It's not important / I don't know
No, get rid of it
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Goku & SSJ Goku (release!)
Yes, it is.

Thanks given by: Memento
Could a moderator or admin please move this to the releases section? ;D

Edit: if you want to use my sprites for your own character, that's fine. You can also include him in a modification you're making if you want to. You don't have to ask for my permission at any time, just make sure you give me credit for the base and don't claim everything as your own.
[Image: alternative%202_zpsq1jnzvlw.gif]

Feel free to use materials made for LF2 extended, such as the sprites for Daniel (^). You can choose to continue it or to use the sprites for a new character. You can find the subforum under 'projects'.
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