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LF2 -Naruto:Legend Of Akatsuki (I'M BACK!!)
[Image: mygamesbannerdudeuzurad.gif]
Hello guys
I will make a LF2 mode
Here is some sprites...
[Image: 9000uzuraidlswstyle100.png]
(made by UzuRaid (Base made by.VOKU Itachi's hair made by: Barbossa))
and Moves...
[Image: uzuraidspitesss.png]
(made by UzuRaid)

I need coders and Spriters...

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Sorry. No requests.
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the sprites look promising. maybe you should ask nave to join the ntsd mod :D
my blog
Avatar based on STM's sprite
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Actually, that guy already is in the NTSD forum, but last time I checked, it didn't look like he's about to join the team in the near future ;)
And I don't really like even smaller sprites than the JUS ones, but let's wait and see.
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(11-22-2009, 12:55 PM)Bamboori Wrote:  the sprites look promising. maybe you should ask nave to join the ntsd mod :D
to be honest, those few crappy sprite edits won't make me let him join our mod... only pro's are gettin' in
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He didn't even say he wanted you to join, don't get your hopes up.
I don't think it will work with the game, the sprites are to small, and i guessing you haven't completed any sheet.
[Image: variaboss.png]
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I think you need a bullet right now.
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ive ripped a few characters of a gba game that would go awesome with this.. got 1/2 character done from it, but hes half the hight of the other chars of lf2
Check out my Little Fighter 2 Ultimate Character Guide (C)
pm me any1 that wants to help, all you do is write stuff in notepad and it takes no time at all.. any1 that helps me gets their name in the credits of the prog, even if you only does a couple of characters.. i need atleast 2 - 3 ppl to help me out..
[Image: vb.jpg]
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Here is some uptade.
[Image: uzuraidspitesss.png]

I really love playing NTSD II but I dont want join the team. Im not a profesional.Im 15 years old.I love girls :D and sprites...
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Shouldn't Raikage have a somekind of a electric aura around him in Raiton mode?
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