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Ramond's RPG Adventure v2.0
SirFrog: Hoi! You lost?
Simon: Don't forget we are kind of lost as well, gooseface.
SirFrog: Shh.

Bamboori takes a closer look at the four people, with a friendly face though that means no harm but rather shows interest.

??? (1): Good morning, sirs.
Blue Phoenix: Good morning.
??? (2): We're looking for, uh, a town called Laneesh, but we got a bit lost on the way.
Bamboori: Figures! It's what you looked like. Maybe we can help, we've been there recently.
snorsorbet: But can you remember the exact path we've taken so far? I couldn't...
??? (3): That farmer guy we've stayed with last night told us to simply follow this path until it leads out of the highlands and then head westwards. But he didn't get very specific. And there are a few intersections which don't really make things easier...
??? (4): It's a bit hard to talk to that guy, you know...

a --- Sir Ian Dra :
b --- Nav Phi Ste :
c Blu Bam sno Sim :
d --- --- --- --- :

Book of Knowledge: Drahcir Bamboori SirFrog BluePhoenix Nave snorsorbet Phil Simon Ian Steiner
World Map

(Hints of Interest: -
Stat points left: Blue Phoenix, Phil
Skill points left: Blue Phoenix, Phil, Simon)

[Image: rinstar_highlands.png]
(F5 to update image)

It's dawn. (7:59 AM, Day 8)
The day's first sunrays fill the autumnal environment with color and life.
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Nave: You stayed with a farmer guy last night you say? Was his name Jack by any chance?
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