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Help me create a special move
Hello friends,
I an creating a mod of little fighter for the first time.....can anyone guide me....I want to know how to I create a special move after creating the sprtes of the move?!
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Refer to mainsite.
If you're not sure what to do, a good way is to look at the original LF2 data and study it. You can copy paste it into a new character and see how it changes when you change the numbers in the various entries.

The mainsite also contains a lot of reference pages for what exactly each number does for certain tags - just look on the left.
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Be sure to have DC(Data changer) this is the programme to open up the Dat.files.

i recommend you to use Jiquera's data changer.

download it and open the preferable Dat.files
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@penew There are different and better data changers than Jiquera's. such as SomeoneElse's Real-Time Data Changer ( His name is literally someoneelse ), also YinYin's visual dcer. And few other data changers.
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