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Kairu's Spriting Sessions
C&C are welcome

One Punch Man (Click to View)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Click to View)
Fara & The Eye of Darkness (Click to View)
Thanks given by: Arcane , Bamboori , Marko , the mad maskman
hey, not bad! he really looks like saitama :D but just a question, is that annoyed pose intentional?(hands open, shoulders lowered) if not, i would suggest to make his shoulders a bit higher and close is hands. anyways, great sprite.
Thanks given by: kairunotabi
His eyes are a bit too low(raise by about 1-2px on the resized version), and doesn't look right for his stance to be slouched rather than upright. Other than that it looks good!
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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Thanks given by: kairunotabi
For eyes being too low i could argue. I think they are fine.

Really good shape and proportions. The shading itself is also fine, although could be reworked to Look more like lf. I think u should move light source more above and for sure to the right side (left side from character's pov). Its lightening it too much from front. There should be more dark shades visable on left side. Also u could simplify shading style if u gonna resize it down. Its too detailed and it looses it after being scaled.
Thanks given by: kairunotabi
Thanks guys! As for the eyes I just followed his design sheet:
[Image: UHwbiA7.png]

Saitama is a very laid back superhero (due to his "limitless" strength, every opponent he faces is defeated with only one punch) so I thought a slouched, uninterested look would be great for his idle stance. I think I overdid the details like what Gad said.
Thanks given by:
if he's that strong, then we shouldn't expect a char from it? :p
Thanks given by:
I'd welcome a parody character. Opoint a ball near his punch which explodes to exaggerated blood effects.
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Thanks given by:
hey awesome sprite!
Gad mentioned everything I had to say already^^
apart from that I think the pose is hilarious and fits his character perfectly :D
Thanks given by: kairunotabi
Thanks Arcane!

Here's Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica took me ~3 hours.

[Image: muCAoaY.png]

After Resizing:
[Image: BMcB6Rz.png]

How's the shading this time? I have a feeling that I overdid some parts especially her socks and the ribbons. I didn't shade the ribbon on her chest since it would make the ribbon unnoticeable after resizing the sprite. And about her pose, she's supposed to be holding her musket, I haven't done the sprite for it though.

Also here's a bonus, if anyone is interested:

Process GIF (Click to View)
Thanks given by: JoHo15 , Bamboori
Neat! Not very lf style though. This time shading is very good. Nothing to complain beside the fact that her hand looks kinda male.
Thanks given by: kairunotabi

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