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I think Little Fighter Online can be played now
Could someone help me? I have this problem: [Image: 7d639d0640.png]
In English this means: "Instruction at 0x000 referenced memory at 0x000. The memory could not be read". I have Windows 10, ForceDLL.dll, and hook_3DA.dll are on "read only". 3D Analyzer, and LFO are set to Windows XP SP3 compatiblity. I tried reading something on this chinese tutorial, but I don't understand much, and translator have very bad grammar (just like me :P). I read there is something with DirectPlay, but I can't disable it due to another error. I don't want to mess up with my pc, so I won't for some time try to do something with DirectPlay.
Yesterday evening I thought about using virtual machine, and install LFO on it. So after few hours of installing Windows XP, Direct3D, sound drivers, net drivers etc. I managed to run it properly. So if someone have the same problem as me, you can install LFO on virtual machine.
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We don't need the 3D-Analyze now.
Because we have a another way to open LFO.!jR5AVawA!3KWn6iM-UH_3E...fFfa3xYjGk

Download this and replace the file and try to open StartLFO.exe
I hope this can help you :)
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It's absolutely amazing to play the game again, but I'm a little sad you start at lvl 150 with those OP stats, and that you don't really unlock anything like skills anymore..

Is there any way we can change this ourselves?
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