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Character My First Char FreezeX
That's neat. I don't see any overpowered attack, that just revamped freeze just as of my taste.

Off-topic - Music name? :p
" LF2 Against The Evils", my first LF2 video series.
Check my channel :D :-

Litte Fighter Videos  <-- This is a link! Click This!
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Deep, the fact he can defeat Julian without even Breaking a Sweat means Overpowered, The Sword, and the Columns Specially the Whirlwinds.
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To be immortal, you don't have to be unkillable.
To be immortal, you just have to be remembered, for your deeds.
Hopefully good deeds.
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Yes but its the Transformation :D

when i finished JulianX, it looks different :D
[Image: dennisxl4spw.gif] [Image: triada2eunj.gif] [Image: freezexcds6l.gif]
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