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The pictures are always noted the same way in the dat.-files - so I explain it in this tutorial. From all other tutorials, I created a link up to here.

file(0-69):    sprite\sys\davis_0.bmp   w: 79  h: 79  row: 10  col: 7

1) "file" - the numeration
Just "file" as the announcement is important for the sprites - the numbers after this are for an easy orientation, but you can also delete them. The computer gets the amount of pictures out of the product of "row" and "col" and numerate them row by row from the left upper corner to the right corner at the bottom - starting at 0.
The knowledge about the irrelevance of the "file"-numbers is important for the use of state: 8000, because you might have to "waste" some numbers to make it work properly.
2) The place of the pictures
You have to set up the exact place from the folder with the LF2.EXE-file in and the name of the picture in the right format. You have to create your sprites as bitmap!
3) The size of the pictures
There're several smaller pictures in one sprite - and you also have to set up the width and the high of these. Normally, these sprites are quadratic and the sides are 79 points long (characters). The point 80 is empty, and so you get a grid between the single pictures, as an example - you can see this grid in template.
But in Microsoft Paint, the pictures start at point (0/0), so the gridpoint is (79/79). For this reason, it's easier if you take the box-tool and mark the small picture. As long as you press the mouse-button, you can see the width and the high of the picture in a little window at the bottom of the program.
4) "row" & "col" - The amount of pictures
To make it possible for the computer to numerate the pictures, you have to set up how many single pictures are in a main-sprite. In "row", you have to note how many picture are in a row, in "col", you have to note how many pictures are in a column.
For the exact work with pictures you need the grid between the single pictures - here you can download them, so you don't have to draw them new all the time. Just paste it over the normal picture and make white transparent. Have fun!

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